How to find the best department store for every budget

The big question for anyone planning to shop at a department store is whether they should consider themselves a thrifty shopper.We all know the feeling: I spend more than I need, but I don’t want to spend more because it would feel unfair.But a recent survey from J. Walter Thompson Group found that while most […] →Read more

How to make the perfect dillard�s bag in under an hour

It�s time to put your dillards bags to the test and try to figure out how much they cost.How much does a dillard bag cost in the US?Find out and find out how to find out the cheapest dillard bags in the United States. →Read more

Chris and Chloe go shopping for new clothes

Chloe and Chris are just getting their clothes on for Christmas.But Chris’s wardrobe is going to be more complicated than the others’.Chris says, ‘I’m not a big fan of buying a whole bunch of clothes in one go.I’ve got to have enough to wear at a party.’Chloe responds, ‘well, if I can’t get enough clothes […] →Read more

When I saw my mom’s shopping list

When I first saw my mother’s shopping lists at the supermarket, I was confused.I could tell it wasn’t the same thing as the shelves I grew up in, so I started asking questions.I didn’t really know what to ask, so after I’d read the catalogs several times, I decided to ask a few questions.My mom’s […] →Read more

Why it is time to remove ‘factory farming’ from our grocery stores

On Friday, January 14, 2018, at 2:42 p.m., Southern California Department Stores (SCC) announced that they would no longer sell the brand name “Dry Goods” products, as part of a “new vision for our brands.”In addition to the name change, SCC announced that all of its retail stores will also remove all factory farming from […] →Read more

When your phone app needs a few more tricks

Posted March 07, 2018 11:03:49The last couple of years have been a very busy one for developers, with a number of new releases hitting the market in 2017.There were also some big releases that had to wait until the new year to get their official debut.One such release was the first-ever iPhone app to get […] →Read more

The Best and Worst Deals of the Week: Electronic Department Store Deals

The Electronic department store offers a lot of value in terms of electronics, but some departments may not be as great as others.Below is a list of the best deals available from each department store for each week.The Best and WORST Deals of Week 1:Meijer’s department store has the best deal on a wide variety […] →Read more

Why you should care about Amazon’s $500 million acquisition of Peebles

The deal was announced Friday.It’s worth $500m to Amazon, which also owns Whole Foods and the e-commerce giant’s Prime service.The move has raised eyebrows among tech titans, but also may not be surprising to consumers who have long been frustrated with online shopping, which is dominated by Amazon and other online retailers.The company also is […] →Read more

How to get a discount at one of Canada’s biggest department stores

A new report by the Canadian Association of Business and Industry suggests that as a result of the recession, menards and department stores have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in sales since the mid-1990s.The association, which is advocating for better business conditions, says it is “saddened” that menards has lost so much business due […] →Read more

When you get a job in the United States, you can be the boss of your store

The best part about being an American is that, at least on paper, you have to be able to make the money to buy a cup of coffee and eat dinner at home.It’s a pretty awesome life in the US, and while it’s no guarantee you’ll be rich, it does mean you can buy a […] →Read more