Menkens department stores to offer full line of men’s apparel

Menkens, a chain of department stores that has been in business since 1905, has announced plans to launch full-line men’s clothing at its largest department stores in the next two years.The move will add more than 3,000 pieces to the Menkens men’s department store line, with plans to bring in new product each week.The company […] →Read more

How to take advantage of your tax savings

Posted January 02, 2019 10:47:36If you’re a business owner, you may be able to take some of your corporate tax savings to help you out when it comes time to sell.Here are some tips to help make sure you have the right plan for your business.A little bit of tax planning isn’t always easy.If you’ve […] →Read more

What you need to know about bobbies department store

Bobbys is set to open its first store in Australia’s Northern Territory, after a five-year battle with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.The company’s new flagship store in the town of Ararat, just south of Darwin, is set for opening in the middle of this year.The store will be the first in Australia to serve […] →Read more

How to avoid getting a tattoo with a Texas Department of Health (THD) retailer

A tattoo artist in Texas is now making the mistake of using his tattoo on a Texas government employee, according to reports.Troy St. Clair, an employee of the Travis County Health Department, had his tattoo removed and a photo of him on social media, which he shared on Twitter.St. Clair said he did not see […] →Read more

What is a grocery store?

lernors department store in Melbourne’s north-east, which specializes in German and German-made items, closed its doors after nearly 50 years of operation.Lerners is one of the oldest department stores in Melbourne.A spokeswoman for the company, which has been in operation since the 1970s, said the business had become too profitable to continue.“It was the right […] →Read more

The first real estate crisis in America’s history: ‘We’re gonna go into this with the biggest, most profitable bullocks’

“I think this is the first real-life case where a real estate company and its stockholders are going to get the message loud and clear: We’re going to go into an economic crisis if we don’t take the bullion down,” said Kevin Folta, a senior vice president at Felt Capital Partners, a fund manager that […] →Read more

How to get rid of the word “beauty”

The term “beautiful” has been around for centuries, but it was first coined by a British writer in the early 1800s.It was popularized by the fashion industry, and today it’s used in fashion and marketing.The beauty industry is the industry that makes the “beautylife” brand name, and it is the one that makes this “beautie” […] →Read more

The world’s first superstore will open in Queensland

A department store chain has revealed its first super store will open this week in Queensland.The B&M department store is one of the first retailers in Australia to open in the country.Its opening in Gardena is the latest milestone in the superstore chain’s transformation into an international powerhouse, which has seen the chain expand to […] →Read more

How to shop for Bloomingdale’s, Drexel University, and the like in 2017

Bloomingdale�s department stores are not your typical department store.In fact, most are considered �superstore�s, as they are located right on the mall.These stores are also often known as the �superstores� because of their huge inventory and high prices.These are the �top five superstores in the country,� says the Wall Street Journal.Thats according to an annual […] →Read more

When Nordstrom liquidates department stores: What you need to know

A Nordstrom spokesperson says the company will not be closing any of its stores, including its flagship stores in Toronto and Montreal.The department store chain is closing its stores to “help protect our core business” and the stores will remain open for the public, said the spokesperson.In a statement, the company says it is “currently […] →Read more