World’s most expensive football stadium opens in 2019

A new stadium will open in 2019 in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, as part of a $1.2 billion project to upgrade a historic World’s Fair complex and create a world-class recreational and entertainment destination.

The stadium is due to open next year, and will be the world’s largest indoor football stadium and home to a host of events, including the world cup finals and the Commonwealth Games, in 2020.

The Sydney City Council approved the $1 billion redevelopment plan in December, which includes a $400 million increase in the cost of the stadium to $1 million per year.

“This stadium is a game changer for Sydney and the future of the city,” Sydney Mayor Clover Moore said.

“It is a unique opportunity to bring in an investment that will create new jobs and generate $400m in investment over 20 years, which will be a significant boost for Sydney.”

I have made this announcement because we believe this project will be an example for other cities to follow.

“Construction will start in the next three months and will last at least 50 years.

The $1bn project is part of the $2 billion NSW Government has allocated for Sydney’s infrastructure in 2020, including a new stadium.

The project will see the building of a major redevelopment project, which is expected to create a new 10-minute bus route, new public transport services and public housing developments in the CBD.

The city will also invest $1billion to upgrade the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the City of Sydney.

The redevelopment project will also include a new shopping precinct, and a new public park.

The government will also spend $1b to construct an underground pedestrian tunnel connecting the CBD and the South-East Sydney CBD, with an option to extend the project to the city’s CBD.”

We have been very clear that we have an obligation to the public, that this is a public investment,” Mayor Moore said on Wednesday.”

The project should be good for Sydney, good for the city, good to the community.””

We want to be a city that is a vibrant, exciting place, where people can come and spend a bit of time.