What’s the worst news in fashion, and where are the most dangerous stores?

The extreme department store weaver’s outlet, on the banks of the River Thames, was once one of London’s most popular shopping destinations, with a wide range of fashion and beauty products on offer.

But the closures and store closures across the country were followed by a spike in thefts of clothes and jewellery, as shoppers became more vigilant about who was buying their wares.

The shopkeepers’ union has called for the closure of the shop, but not the entire department store chain, which employs about 15,000 people.

In some areas, such as Greater Manchester, theft rates have jumped from around 5% in 2013 to nearly 30% in 2017, according to a recent study by retail experts, Trussell Trust.

Weaver’s, which closed in May 2019, had previously been one of the country’s top five retailers by revenue.

But the shop has seen a fall in revenue, with the shop’s main competitor, the department store department store operator, closing the store in June.

There were also reports that a number of other retailers have also closed their stores, but this is the first time the Weavers department store has been closed.

A spokesperson for the Weaver’s store told the BBC that “due to ongoing issues with our operations, the store has closed its doors for the time being”.

“This is a difficult decision for the shop but we remain committed to the customers of Weavers, as well as our loyal and loyal staff,” the spokesperson added.

Houses of worship have also been targeted in recent years, with one Christian church in Liverpool set on fire and another in the south of England set ablaze.

Christian churches were also vandalised in September, and the Church of England was vandalised by a group of youths.

Meanwhile, in the US, stores of all types have also suffered closures, as the Trump administration has threatened to impose a $5bn import tax on imported goods.

President Donald Trump, who campaigned on an anti-immigration platform, has also vowed to “take a hard line on illegal immigration”.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Trump said: “If we can’t get the job done, it’s OK.

You know, we’re going to tax people.”