Kohl’s department stores will start selling the ‘Kohl’s gift cards’

Kohl�s department stores across the country will start accepting the Kohl���s gift cards for use at all of its stores starting in September.

The department stores that will begin accepting the cards are Kohls, Macy’s, Target, Sears, and Costco.

Kohl is the only chain to offer these gift cards, and is partnering with the retailers.

Kohl�s gift card will be available for purchase at the following locations:Kohls department store locations will be able to accept gift cards in their registers from now through Sept. 30, said spokeswoman Kristina Biedrzycki.

The card can be redeemed at Kohl-branded stores and online at kohls.com.

Kohl also is partnering up with Amazon, Walmart and Costco to offer gift cards through the online marketplace.

The retailer is also offering gift cards at its flagship stores, the Kohls in Manhattan, the Sears in Chicago and at some other locations.

Kohls stores will also offer KohlKohlKohl is also rolling out the Kohlus debit card through its online platform, and will offer gift card redemption for the card at select Kohl locations beginning September 9.

The Kohl debit card is available at most Kohl stores.

Kohl also is offering gift card vouchers through Amazon Prime for the Kohlis in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Seattle.