Japans first official Japanese department store opens in Sydney

A department store in Japan has opened in Sydney’s inner west after an announcement by the country’s leading chain.

The store in the city’s CBD will be the first in Japan to carry a range of cosmetics from cosmetics manufacturers such as Kowa, which was founded by Japanese-Australian entrepreneur Shoko Nakamura in 2005.

“We’re thrilled to open this Japanese department shop, the first one in Sydney, and to work with Kowa,” Mr Nakamura said.

Mr Nakamura and his wife, Yoko Nakamasa, opened Kowa cosmetics in the Sydney CBD in 2018.

In addition to cosmetics, Kowa carries a range.

This photo shows the Kowa Beauty shop in Sydney.

Kowa cosmetics will also sell clothing and accessories from Kowa.

A Kowa store in Tokyo.

Japans First Official Japanese Department Store In Sydney: The department store will be located in the CBD at 12 Victoria St, between Kings Cross and the Central Business District.

It will offer a wide range of products from Japanese brands such as cosmetics, hair care and cosmetics, Japanese clothing and jewellery, jewellery and accessories.

Its aim is to “give a taste of Japanese culture and Japanese culture to the wider community”, Mr Nakamase said.

“We are a Japanese business that has been established in Sydney for 15 years, so we want to expand to the broader Sydney community.”‘

A very important part of our identity’ In a statement on its website, Kowas parent company, Koya Cosmetics, said the department store would help people to feel like they were part of a “Japanese community”.

“We look forward to working with the Australian community to help develop the Kowa store in Sydney and to share this important part, of our culture and our identity with the Sydney community,” the statement said.

In January 2019, Kowe opened its first Sydney branch.

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