When Nordstrom liquidates department stores: What you need to know

A Nordstrom spokesperson says the company will not be closing any of its stores, including its flagship stores in Toronto and Montreal.

The department store chain is closing its stores to “help protect our core business” and the stores will remain open for the public, said the spokesperson.

In a statement, the company says it is “currently evaluating” the effect of its store closures on its business.

It is not known what impact the closures will have on the stores or their operations.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Finance said the Ontario government will be assisting the retailer with its operations.

“This is a very challenging situation for our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our business partners,” said Stephanie Pappas, a spokesperson for Ontario Finance Minister Kevin Flynn.

“The government will also continue to assist Nordstrom and our partners in assessing the impact of this decision on Ontario’s economy and the province’s economy.”

Earlier this week, a group of shoppers and local officials in Quebec City staged a protest at Nordstrom’s flagship store, which they said was a “disgrace.”

“We’re asking that we not be a target for discrimination and to not have a place in the store anymore,” said Jean-Pierre-Olivier Mascarenhas, a representative from the Montreal chapter of the Unites Québecois, which is holding the protest.

“We’re going to protest against this discrimination.

We don’t need a Nordstrom.

We’re here for the people of Montreal.”

The protest came after the retailer announced last week it was closing the stores.

Nordstrom’s parent company, American Eagle Outfitters, said in a statement that it is continuing to make the necessary investments to help Nordstrom remain competitive.