The world’s first superstore will open in Queensland

A department store chain has revealed its first super store will open this week in Queensland.

The B&M department store is one of the first retailers in Australia to open in the country.

Its opening in Gardena is the latest milestone in the superstore chain’s transformation into an international powerhouse, which has seen the chain expand to nine locations and employs over 600 people in the state.

Queensland’s premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said she was excited about the opening of the B&Ms first store in Queensland, which will open on Monday.

“It is a testament to the incredible talent and passion that has been demonstrated by B&m and the Queensland community,” she said.

Ms Palasczuk said she had always been a fan of superstore chains like B&MA, B&B and Supermax.

A spokeswoman for B&&M said it had invested more than $3 billion in the region and would build more stores across Queensland.

She said the Queensland Superstore Alliance would invest $3 million to open a B&Mo store in Brisbane.

Ms Paliszczak said B&Mobile was proud of its track record in the Queensland market, which includes more than 300 stores in the Sunshine Coast, with more than 100 in the central Queensland market.

“Queenslanders have a long history of buying super in the sunshine, with B&Mart, BSM and B&T in particular providing the best value for money and customer service,” she told the ABC.

B&M is the world’s third-biggest superstore after Walmart and Amazon.

Australia has seen a number of recent big-box store expansions, including the Bayswater and Bayside superstore expansions in 2018 and the Melbourne and Brisbane expansion in 2019.

B&A was established in Queensland in 1977 and employs more than 700 people.

Originally published as Superstore in Queensland to open this Monday