How to avoid getting a tattoo with a Texas Department of Health (THD) retailer

A tattoo artist in Texas is now making the mistake of using his tattoo on a Texas government employee, according to reports.

Troy St. Clair, an employee of the Travis County Health Department, had his tattoo removed and a photo of him on social media, which he shared on Twitter.

St. Clair said he did not see the tattoo and took it down on his own.

He said he received a message on Facebook from the state of Texas saying the tattoo was “not appropriate.”

The message read: “Treat yourself well, and do not be a pain in the ass to others.”

St. Claire told the Dallas Morning News that he had received multiple messages on social networking sites from the department, telling him to “just let this one slide” and that “if you have a problem with it, then let it go.”

He told the paper that he then decided to share his story on Twitter, which sparked a barrage of criticism from some members of the public who saw his actions as disrespectful.

Travis County Health Director John Whitcomb told the newspaper that he has never seen a situation where an employee’s image has been posted without his permission, and that there are no plans to remove the tattoo, as there was no direct communication between the artist and the employee.

Whitcomb said he doesn’t know why St. Claire’s image was shared on social networks and that the tattoo artist should have contacted the employee directly to say that the image was inappropriate.

“It doesn’t make any sense.

This isn’t the first time that someone has posted someone’s name and photo online without their permission,” Whitcomb said.

“I’ve never heard of this before.

I’m not aware of any other instances.”

Travis police told the Morning News the department does not have the authority to remove tattoos.

St. Clylises attorney, Michael Biel, said the department has no policy on removing tattoos.

“He had an issue with a tattoo artist, and he chose to put his personal image in the public eye and hurt the image of the entire department,” Biel said.

“If he had contacted me directly, I would have advised him of the law that says he can’t put his name and image on public property without my permission.”

St Clair has said he has been receiving death threats after he posted the message on social sites.

He told the local news station that he is now planning to speak out on his personal Facebook page about his situation, but he said he is not worried about repercussions.

“I’m just trying to take it out on them, that they’ve hurt my business,” St. Clarises attorney said.

In a statement to the Dallas Observer, a representative of THD said the agency is “committed to upholding the civil rights of all its employees.”

The department said it does not comment on individual employee actions.