When will we get a barneys brand store in London?

Barneys department stores are no longer allowed to open in London, but that hasn’t stopped them going back to their old home in the capital. 

The chain opened its London headquarters in March 2011, but it has been in operation for just under three years now, with the company only officially relocating to the city in August 2017. 

The new brand is known as Barneys Superstore and is set to open its first store in the new London high-rise skyscraper called Canary Wharf. 

Barneys have previously opened their first store on the High Street in London in 2016 and have since moved to Canary Whampers flagship store in May 2020, where they are known as Bodega Barneys. 

In a statement, Barneys said the decision to relocate to Canary Islands was taken after it became clear that its future was in London and not London City. 

“Following our experience in London City, we have decided to move to Canary islands, which has been the most challenging area to manage, and has become an exciting new area for us,” the statement read. 

Its opening will be welcomed by some in the UK who have long complained about the city’s lack of new retail space, with many of the shops being empty and some with the most high-end products out of sight. 

However, the chain has faced fierce competition from online retail giant Amazon and rival chain Nordstrom. 

 In an interview with Business Insider, Barrys chief executive Ian Watson said that the brand had been a good fit for the new high-rises, and it would provide “a real challenge” for the retailers. 

Watson said the move to London had been made because it had “an opportunity to have more presence in a larger area, and more space to grow”. 

“We are delighted that we will be able to be part of this exciting new development in London.” 

Barney’s brand store at Canary Wharfs flagship store image via barneys,barneys department store,defund barneys brand,defnlds department store source BBC Sport article