What do you get when you cross two brothers?

A year ago, when The Lad began publishing the bible, it had an audience of more than 15 million readers.

Since then, that number has jumped to more than 20 million, making it the most-read Bible blog on the internet.

Now the Lad’s goal is to hit 50 million.

The Lad’s chief executive officer, Chris McAllister, said he expects to reach that milestone this year, with more and more followers joining his blog.

“There is more and better content being created,” he said.

“I can’t think of a better place to launch than with a brand like Walmart.”

McAllister also expects to hit another milestone when he launches a new bible-focused blog, which will be similar in content to The Lad, but it will also offer readers a better way to find their local department store.

“I think the biggest question for many people is, ‘Why do I want to buy a Walmart shirt?’,” McAllisters said.

“They’re a great company, and Walmart is a great retailer.”

Mcallisters hopes to launch a blog for Walmart that will be as comprehensive and well-written as The Lad’s.

“The goal of that blog is to be the go-to place for buying apparel, shoes, furniture and more,” he added.

McAllisters is working with a team of about 10 people to ensure the brand stays relevant, and he said the blog is designed to be accessible to a wide range of readers.

“We’re going to be focused on building a huge community of readers and readers who have an affinity for our brand,” he explained.

Mcallister said he has already seen some success in building a following with the Walmart shirt giveaway, which allowed readers to share their thoughts on the Walmart brand.

“Our community is really engaged and engaged,” he noted.

“So far, I think we’ve sold 1.3 million shirts to our readers, which is about a quarter of what we did with the giveaway last year.”

He said he is also planning to release a “best of” blog, and a “sneaky peek” blog.

“It will be a bit more of a ‘Who are these people?'” he said, “and I think the reader is going to find that fascinating.”

He added that the company is also working on a new Walmart-themed website, which he said will be “the most awesome thing we’ve ever done”.

“It’s going to have all the best things we’ve put out so far in the blog,” he admitted.

McAllies goal is not only to reach 50 million readers, but also to reach a million dollars in revenue.

“When we launched the blog in 2012, we didn’t have a website.

I think there were about 100,000 people working for us.

That’s when I realised we need to have a bigger audience,” he recalled.”

Now, we have more than 400,000 fans on our Facebook page, which has grown exponentially over the last year.”

That’s just not happening at the same rate as other blogs.

“McALLISTS goal is clear, and not just to attract readers to the blog, but to build a better business model.”

If you’re going after a million bucks in a year, you need to be able to pay the bills, and that’s where we’re going,” he stated.

McALLIISTS strategy is also different to that of the mainstream Christian-owned Christian bookstore chain, which was also able to make money with a shopper-centric approach to selling their wares, and its CEO, Matthew Cope, admitted his company has struggled to make ends meet over the past few years.”

For many years we had a lot of money, but our margins were really low,” he pointed out.”

And then we got into the dotcom bubble, which then made our margins higher.

“Then we had an increase in traffic and traffic was great, but we had our eyes on the bottom line.”

At the end of the day, I don’t think we ever thought we’d be able be in the same position as the major chains,” Cope added.

In a market where brands have become increasingly synonymous with money and products, it is not uncommon for a retailer to launch an ad campaign in an attempt to attract the attention of a specific audience.”

To some extent, the shopper market is where we were able to go for a very profitable year,” Mcallisters explained.”

You’ve got people that want to shop with you because they are loyal to the brand, they want to share with you their passion for the brand and the retailer they are going to.

“The Lad, founded by former Walmart executive Mark Kline, is one of many evangelical Christian blogs which have attracted huge audiences.

It has been one of the biggest and most successful in recent years.

McLister said his blog is also helping to bridge