When it comes to department stores, the goldblatt department store chain is not as good as you think

Goldblatt has been under fire for years for its low customer service, poor selection, and poor service in Australia, where it operates the country’s largest department store network.

The company has been the target of numerous boycotts, and in 2015, its board voted to sell its stake in the chain, which now has more than 80 stores around the world.

While the company said at the time it would continue to run its Australian operations, it now says it will focus its global expansion on a number of other retailers.

In a statement, Goldblatts chief executive, Tim Laidlaw, said that the company had chosen to “continue to invest in Australia with a focus on the business of the future”.

“The Goldblatts decision to close its Australian stores reflects the reality of the challenges that the industry is facing globally and will help us build the future of our business,” he said.

“This is an important step towards achieving our long-term vision of being a leading department store brand in the world.”

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Laidaw told the paper the company would continue its Australian business but would focus its expansion in the US and Europe.

He said the move to focus on a US expansion was because of the low customer response in the country and the high cost of living there.

“In terms of customer service it’s pretty poor, because we’re not doing that much business there,” he told the FT.

“We’re doing a good job but it’s not the biggest market in the West, so we need to be really focussed in other markets.”

The company said it would be investing in other stores and said it planned to start building out its network of about 20 stores in the future.

However, the move is a step back for the company as it continues to face the wrath of Australians who say the company is too expensive for everyday life.

In 2015, the FT reported that Goldblats average daily ticket price had risen by more than 10 per cent for the first time since it started in 2011, and it had also experienced a sharp drop in customer satisfaction.

While Goldblatz claims it is not responsible for the low ratings, it is the target audience for the service, which is one of the biggest problems in the Australian department store industry, according to a report by the Australian Tax Office.

Goldblatters customers have complained for years about poor service and poor customer service with its store selection.

Gold Blatt’s management has also been accused of a lack of transparency, with the company’s chief executive calling its customers “pawns” of the brand.

The US Goldblatton is a big-name department store with stores in many states including California, Nevada, New York, Texas and Illinois.

The chain has also expanded internationally, opening in Canada and other countries in 2017.

It also operates the biggest department store in the UK, the Victoria and York.