9 things to do at Hudson’s department stores

You may not know it, but Hudson’s is the best department store in New York City.

Its locations are huge and its selection of clothes is impressive.

The store’s staff is super helpful and knowledgeable, so it’s no surprise that the store is constantly ranked in the best places to shop in the city.

Here are some of the things you should do at a Hudson’s to help you find the perfect piece of clothing.1.

Take advantage of coupons and discounts at the store2.

Go to the department store’s website to buy a pair of jeans or a pair in black or navy3.

Take a tour4.

Shop for clothes in the back of the store5.

Make sure you check out their gift section6.

Make the most of coupons7.

Take the time to talk to the sales staff and other employees8.

See if there are discounts on shoes, skirts, tops, dresses, and more9.

Get an exclusive gift for your favorite employee10.

Shop at a department store that has a coupon for a free bottle of wine11.

Take an exclusive photo with your favorite store employee12.

Watch an exclusive video with your store employee13.

Go shopping with the employees of Hudson’s and make your favorite purchase14.

Try a new store15.

Find out if a Hudson, a Macy’s, or a TJ Maxx is near you16.

Take home some great savings17.

Take some shopping tips from your favorite Macy’s store18.

Shop with a fellow Hudson’s customer19.

Go for a walk at Hudson on a cold day20.

Go on a shopping spree with your Hudson’s employee21.

Visit the store and buy a new outfit for the season.22.

Watch a Hudson TV commercial23.

Take one of their employee photo shoots24.

Make a Hudson gift for yourself25.

Shop a Hudson store26.

Shop online with a Hudson employee27.

Check out Hudson’s gift department28.

Take photos with a customer29.

Check the Hudson store’s specials30.

Take your Hudson store-wide survey31.

Watch some Hudson TV commercials32.

Check a Hudson sale33.

Buy a Hudson shirt34.

Watch one of Hudson TV specials.35.

Take part in a Hudson sales competition36.

Buy and wear a Hudson t-shirt37.

Go see a Hudson video on video38.

Buy Hudson shoes39.

Watch another Hudson video40.

Watch Hudson merchandise41.

Buy some Hudson jewelry42.

Watch the Hudson TV ad43.

Buy one of the Hudson merchandise44.

Check Hudson stores in New Jersey45.

Buy or rent a Hudson DVD/Blu-ray/VHS/BluX box46.

Buy an exclusive Hudson gift or merchandise47.

Check an Hudson store on the New York market48.

Visit Hudson on the streets49.

Find a Hudson location50.

Check prices and availability51.

Shop the store of your choice52.

Check other Hudson stores for a Hudson clearance shop53.

Visit another Hudson store54.

Visit a Hudson outlet55.

Visit an online store56.

Go online and try to shop at another Hudson location57.

Check on other Hudson locations58.

Buy more Hudson merchandise59.

Take another Hudson shopping spree60.

Visit other Hudson retailers61.

Buy another Hudson item62.

Visit one of your favorite Hudson stores63.

Find an online coupon code for a coupon from Hudson or one of its employees64.

Visit multiple Hudson locations65.

Go through an exclusive online store sale66.

Check another Hudson coupon code67.

Buy at least one Hudson merchandise item68.

Buy products from another Hudson retailer69.

Check local Hudson retailers70.

Shop an online Hudson retailer71.

Go shop online with an online retailer72.

Visit at least two online retailers73.

Buy the newest Hudson product74.

Take online shopping to the next level75.

Buy online and wear an online item76.

Buy in person at a store of another Hudson competitor77.

Visit two other online retailers78.

Buy merchandise at a discount store79.

Buy new Hudson merchandise80.

Go home with a new Hudson shirt81.

Get a special discount from Hudson’s store82.

Find another Hudson outlet83.

Take this video game to a friend84.

Visit Macy’s and try the newest Macy’s product85.

Check availability of other Macy’s products86.

Check Macy’s website87.

Go back to a Macy, and try on the latest Macy’s item88.

Visit any Macy’s outlet89.

Go out to dinner with a friend90.

Go bowling with a buddy91.

Go fishing with a co-worker92.

Go skiing with a neighbor93.

Visit your local grocery store94.

Check at least a Hudson supermarket95.

Visit several stores of another company96.

Go in for a test drive97.

Take pictures of a Hudson apparel brand98.

Visit local Hudson stores99.

Go at least five hours without wearing a Hudson sweatshirt100. Check