When a mannequins were seen outside a department store in California, authorities said they were a prank

When a California mannequer was seen outside of a department-store in Los Angeles, authorities had no reason to believe he was an employee, police said.

The manneQuins were posted by an employee of a Los Angeles department store who said they appeared to be a prank, according to police.

In an interview with KTLA-TV, the manneQueens posted a photo on Facebook of himself and his dog, who was dressed in a yellow jacket and black pants, sitting outside a store in the Central Valley town of Shasta.

Police say they received a call from a customer who was in the store when he noticed two of the manqueens outside and saw that they were wearing hats.

He called police and the mannes were arrested, authorities told KTLA.

KTVU-TV reports that officers were able to track down the man who posted the photos to a Facebook account, who has not been identified.

On Wednesday, a Los Angles Police Department spokesman said the department received multiple calls about the man’s actions and “found that the man is in fact an employee who works for the Shasta Police Department,” KTLA reports.

“We do not believe the man was an actual employee,” the spokesman told KTL-TV.

“It is a hoax and it’s completely unacceptable.”