How to Get Clover on Amazon: Meijer, Target, and Clover

Meijers department store chain announced plans to add clover to its products this fall.

The move comes after Meijernes CEO Scott Frewer said the brand had been in talks with Costco, which owns a large share of the grocery chain, for some time.

“I think Costco has always been an important partner for us,” he told ABC News in September.

Meijermans new deal with Costco follows an agreement the brand struck last year with a small-business partner, which it says is now “one of our largest customers.”

Meijerca said it has added some 3,600 new products to its catalog since its announcement last week.

“With Meijermann, we want to give our customers an even more authentic shopping experience, and we think that’s the way to do that,” Meijert said in a statement.

The company also announced a “new and expanded line of Meijemers products,” including a range of fruit and vegetable dishes, a brand-new cookbook and more.

“As a result, the new products that are being added to our catalog are now at the top of our shopping lists,” Mejermans spokeswoman Heather Egan told ABC.

The grocer said its products are available in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.