Europes top 10 biggest department stores

Dillard’s International has emerged as the biggest European department store chain with revenues of $7.8 billion in 2016, according to a new report by The Wall Street Journal. 

The chain’s sales grew 2.3% in the year through June 2017, and the company is the fastest-growing department store brand in Europe, according a study released Monday by Bloomberg.

The company’s profits jumped 14% in 2017 to $2.6 billion, according the Journal, adding that it made more than $20 billion in profits in 2018 alone. 

While it may not be the most glamorous name in department stores (Dillard’s is not in the Top 10), it is a leader in retailing.

The retailer’s portfolio includes fashion and home goods, while its department stores are popular with consumers looking for quality and comfort, along with the latest trends. 

“Dillard is a strong and profitable brand that’s on a mission to deliver the best value and experience in the industry, while also building a global footprint,” The Journal’s CEO David Pogue said in a statement.

“This year, we’ve had a tremendous year for the brand, thanks to a combination of increased customer growth and a robust business strategy.

Dillard continues to invest in its brands and continue to grow in our global markets.” 

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