Gardena, California department store to close this week

Gardena will close its doors for good this week, the oldest department store in the US, as it struggles to meet the high demand for new, large-format television sets.

The chain announced the closing of its stores on Monday.

The move comes amid a wave of store closings in the city, which is known as a “golden state” for its growing number of large, new department stores.

The chain, which operates four stores in the Gardena section of the city and six in the Los Angeles area, announced in February that it would close its three remaining stores.

In March, it announced that it was closing its two other Los Angeles stores and would be cutting all of its California stores by June.

On Tuesday, the chain said that it had reached an agreement with the California State Fair to shutter its stores in both Los Angeles and Gardena.

The company also said it would be moving the California location of its San Diego store from its current location in downtown San Diego.

The announcement comes as California officials have begun pushing to close the state’s largest department store chain, citing concerns over high vacancy rates and rising health care costs.

California is the nation’s fifth-largest state, with more than 13 million people living in it.

The Gardena store closed this week as part of a deal with the state, the company said in a statement.

The store will close as of Friday, July 17.

In February, the city of Gardena filed a petition with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission seeking to close its two remaining department stores: Gardena City Center in Gardena and the Gardenametel store in San Diego, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The petition said the store’s “continued failure to provide adequate safety measures and safety measures that adequately protect employees and customers” had resulted in a “severe, long-term health risk to employees, customers, and community members.”

Gardena City Manager Robert A. Zepeda told the Union-Telegram that the city’s efforts to reopen the stores were not an attempt to stop the chain from opening in the future.

“It was simply a way to do that as soon as we had the chance to do it,” he said.