How to buy at the top-ranked department stores in England and Wales

Here’s a guide to how to shop at the most popular department store in England, Wales and Scotland.

1 / 7 Top-rated department stores to buy from in England & Wales (top) The number of department stores that you can visit each day, including the number of stores in each area, is measured from the day of your visit to the day you buy your next package of goods.

Each department store also has a number of exclusive shops and special offers.

The UK has a total of around 1,300 department stores with an average of 50,000 staff.

In 2017, there were over 100,000 department stores.

Top-ranked departments in England The largest department store chain is Covid, with a combined store count of more than 9,000 stores.

The second largest is St John Ambulance, which has a combined 1,200 stores.

St Andrew’s, one of England’s largest general stores, has a store count in the region of 3,000.

Top five department stores (top 10 in England) The largest independent department store is the British Museum, which is home to more than 2,000 shops and a staff of more then 1,000 people.

The largest private chain is Marks & Spencer, which offers its stores to other companies in its supply chain.

Other top-rated stores include the New York Public Library, which boasts of an average store count exceeding 1,400, and The Westfield Shopping Centre, which operates in two branches in the UK and has a sales volume of more that 10 million items.

Top 10 biggest UK department store chains (top 5 in England – 2017) St Andrews: 1,800 Marks & Spencers: 1