‘No doubt we will have a problem’: What the climate is really like in NSW and Victoria

An Australian supermarket chain has said it has no doubt it will have to close its stores because of climate change, and that it is planning to set up an office to deal with climate change in Australia.

Key points:Manks department store has already said it will close if it can’t adapt to warmer weatherThe company said it was planning to establish a climate centreIn a statement on Monday, the department store chain Manks said the store had already decided to close if its climate was not able to adapt to cooler weather.

The statement said the centre would deal with the impacts of climate-related risks such as heatwaves, extreme weather, flooding, droughts and heatwaves.

Manks said it planned to establish an office in Australia to manage the company’s climate risk management program.

“We are working on the plans for an Australian climate centre that will be fully operational in 2018, which will have the capacity to address any and all risks that may arise from climate change,” it said.

“As Manks stores and customers are part of our global business, we will continue to invest in our climate and climate-change resilience programs and to support businesses and individuals who need to respond to climate change and its impacts.”

Manks has about 7,000 stores across Australia, mostly in Queensland and New South Wales.

It has already announced it will end its retail operations in Queensland in 2028.