How to stop an ugly woman from stalking you

A woman in a red dress has made it into the halls of a California high school and has been repeatedly stalked and sexually harassed by an older woman, according to reports.

The mother of one of the students who has been the target of the harassment told the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s office on Monday that she was forced to cancel a planned visit to her son’s home and that she and her family have been left reeling by the recent events.

The woman told investigators that she first met the woman on the social media site, Twitter, in September and she told her the two were in a relationship.

The woman said she had been contacted by a friend about the relationship but did not reveal the name of the friend.

Sheriff’s office investigators have said they have found text messages that showed the woman to be extremely upset about the harassment.

Sheriffs office officials have said the investigation is ongoing.

They are seeking the public’s help in identifying the harasser and will share any information they may have on the person.

The Santa Barbara-based Santa Barbara Unified School District said in a statement that it is working with the district to investigate the case and that they are “deeply saddened and upset by this incident.”

The Santa Barba Unified School district said in its statement that the district is working closely with the sheriff’s department to gather information on the suspect and to work with students who were at the residence in the last few weeks.