The best and worst things you can do with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which just hit stores

The Surface Pro line is finally here and it’s a lot of fun to play with.

But you probably won’t need to shell out the big bucks for one of the top-of-the-line machines out there.

It’s pretty easy to get a decent one for under $600, if you’re willing to put some effort into the customization.

We’ve got everything you need to know about the Surface Pro family, starting with the Surface Pros.

The Pros You need a laptop The Pros are all Windows laptops, with the exception of the $799 Pro that includes an Nvidia GPU and Windows 10 Home.

It also comes with Windows 10 Pro, which you can get for $400.

Microsoft is bundling the Pro with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit for $200, so it’s also an affordable option if you want to take on the PC-building challenge.

The Surface Pros come in three different sizes: 15.6-inch, 16.9-inch and 17.3-inch.

We’re still waiting for the official specifications, but it looks like the 15.5-inch model will ship with Intel’s latest Broadwell chips, while the 16.1-inch Pro will run on the Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor.

That means the Pro should be a lot faster than Intel’s Core i5-7500U chip in the i7 quad-core model, which has a clock speed of 3.4GHz.

It should also be a bit faster than the $599 i7 Skylake-X chip in that model, though it doesn’t have any dedicated graphics cards to boost performance.

The Pro comes with a 16GB memory slot and a 256GB SSD that you can upgrade to 128GB for $300.

The 15.4-inch version of the Pro will also ship with a 256MB RAM slot, though we don’t have a price yet for that model.

We think the Pro 15.7-inch is the more interesting model, as it includes a Core i3-7310HQ chip and a higher-resolution display.

It has a 15.3″ display and a 15-watt Intel HD Graphics 520 chip, which should be the most powerful option for a desktop laptop in the Pro family.

The 17.4″ model will run a Core m3-5010HQ chip with 1TB of RAM, a 256-GB SSD, and a 1080p display, and it’ll cost $299.

The new 15.1″ Pro comes in a 16-inch screen and 16GB of RAM with 512GB of storage for $449, which is pretty much the same as the 16GB Pro model for the same price.

If you’re looking for a laptop that doesn’t require a discrete graphics card, you can go with the new Pro 15 with Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti, which retails for $1,299.

It offers nearly double the performance of the Core i9-7900X model and the GTX 1070, which costs $1.099.

But it’s not quite as powerful, and if you have the money for that, you could also get the Intel HD 520 chip in its place for about the same money.

You also can upgrade the Pro to an Intel Core m5-6500HQ chip for about $100, which includes a 256 MB RAM slot and up to a 1080i display, or you can buy the Core m6-6770HQ chip, and upgrade it to the same clock speed as the Pro for $149.

If that’s not enough, the Pro has a 13.3W Intel Core M processor for $250, which could also be used for gaming.

The only downside is that the Pro does not come with a keyboard and mouse, though you can still upgrade the hardware to get one for free.

The best of the lot is the 17.5″ Pro with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics for $599, which will run Windows 10 pro, and will have a GeForce GTX 1070 chip for $549.

You’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10 16.4 to get that option, which comes with 64GB of SSD storage and a 1TB HDD for $499.

The Core i6-7350HQ will run the same OS as the 17-inch one, which means it will run at a higher clock speed, but the RAM capacity will be lower.

We’d also recommend the 15-inch Pros with an Intel HD 620 GPU for $399, which adds 4GB of GDDR5 RAM for $199, or the 13-inch ones with an Nvidia GeForce GT 540 GPU for a cool $349.

If it’s too expensive for you, you’ll still get a 16 GB SSD storage option for $329, or 128GB SSD for $999.

The pros also come with some pretty nice accessories for the Surface family.

You get an SD card reader for $39, a power cable for $