The Burkes department store: What it’s like to work in a store with so many styles

What it is to work for the Burkes is a strange thing to be a Burkes employee.

The retail giant, which has a reputation for being eccentric, has a long history of being a quirky shop: The Burke’s first store opened in 1929, while it had its own store at the height of the Depression.

Its second opened in 1950, and then the third in 1956.

It has been open since 1984.

But this is a shop that can be tricky.

There are no windows, no doors, no elevators, no windows in the stores’ shops.

There’s no wall to protect the shop from the elements.

And that’s not just the store, either: The store has been in a series of disrepair for years.

The floors have collapsed, floors have cracked and walls have fallen in.

When I walked into the shop in the spring, it had a hole in the roof, and the flooring was still peeling.

It’s a place that is hard to navigate.

But there’s something comforting about having to make the difficult choices of opening a store.

When you do, you get to shop the way you want to shop, and you can see the world around you, with no need to keep tabs on how people are doing.

I came in at the end of June to help run the business and work with the shop owners, who were really, really nice.

And they were really lovely and welcoming, which I thought was really nice, because I was in a new town.

But then, when you walk into the store and start shopping, you realise it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

The shop’s owners have built the store from scratch, building a wall around the shop to protect it from the winds, which is a little bit scary.

They also decided that there’s no place to put a toilet, and they built a toilet in the middle of the floor.

That’s probably going to take a few months to build up, but they built it anyway.

There is no space for toilets.

The walls are not made of stone, so they’re going to have to be made from bricks.

And I think the shop is going to need a bit of work to make it work.

The main store is now an art gallery, with art pieces on the walls and some of the artwork is made out of old paper.

So it’s not as if the shop’s only been there for 15 years, but the owners had to build it out of a building.

But it’s still a beautiful place, with a lot of character.

The store’s interior is actually the store’s home base, where they keep the inventory.

So there are lots of little things that go into the work that goes into the retail experience.

For example, the main floor has a lot more of the shop stuff, which makes it a really, very busy place.

There were quite a few people who wanted to come in and talk to me, and I had to ask them to take their shoes off before they could walk through the door, because they were in so much pain.

It was really depressing.

It is also a store that people love to shop at.

When we first started working there, the owners would say that it was the best department store in the world, and it was.

But now it is very much like a second home for the owners, as it is a store where people can shop and go home.

It might be a little quieter, and people might have to sit a little more closely around the store because it’s so crowded.

It doesn’t really feel like a Burke, but it is one.

You can walk through there and you’ll see it is full of all the classic Burkes.

The Burks’ original store in Dublin is now a museum, with more than 400 pieces of furniture.

It will be closed in May 2019, when it closes for the summer.

The new store is a completely different sort of place, but that’s a topic for another day.

What do you think of the new Burkes store?