Best car shopping tips from the new book: Cars on sale, a bit pricey, and there’s still time

The book, Cars on Sale: A Guide to Buying and Selling Cars on the Go, is now available.

If you’re new to the game, Cars On Sale: An Essential Guide to Cars on The Go is a great way to learn how to shop and find the right car for your lifestyle.

Here are some of the best deals on new car deals from Cars on Sales, the official Cars website:Best Buy: $250 off select vehicles at Best Buy Hilton: $50 off select cars at Hilton hotels.

Best Buy Plus: $150 off select models at Best Buys Audi: $90 off select model at Audi dealerships.

Ford: $70 off select car at Ford dealerships (including Fiesta, Lincoln MKZ, Fiesta ST, Mustang GT and Mustang).

Kia: $60 off select Hyundai models at Kia dealerships KX: $55 off select KX model at KX dealerships, including the KX50.

Kangaroos: $65 off select Kangaroos at K-Mart.

Toyota: $75 off select vehicle at Toyota dealerships.(Excludes the Tacoma.)

Chevrolet: $40 off select Toyota models at select dealerships and select vehicles.

Honda: $100 off select Honda models at Honda dealerships(Excludes Accord and Civic).

HCA: $35 off select HCA model at Honda dealership.

Hyundai: $15 off select sport utility vehicle at Hyundai dealership.

Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, and Honda all have free shipping on orders over $99.