What you need to know about the death of a young woman at Khols Department Store

The death of an 18-year-old female at Khoels department store in St. Petersburg has raised questions about the store’s security, which is under intense scrutiny after it came under attack by a suspected Russian hacking group in March.

In a post on Twitter, a Khol’s employee described the attack, which was reportedly conducted by a woman who had hacked into the store and accessed internal company emails, as a “maniacal” and “hilarious” display of violence.

A security guard was injured in the incident and later died.

The attack, said the employee, was likely a result of “mania.”

In the aftermath of the attack on the department store, Khoel said it had deployed extra security guards and installed additional cameras at the store.

“We have already strengthened our security measures,” the company said in a statement.

“We are taking immediate steps to ensure that our stores are secure and the safety of our employees and customers are respected.”

The company added that it has also begun offering its employees training on how to better protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

The Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti reported on Friday that the woman was the daughter of a police officer and was from the St. Peters region of St. Pete.

Authorities are investigating whether the woman is connected to Russian state media, which has published several stories about Khoes hacking and the alleged involvement of the Russian government.

It was unclear whether the attacker was a known employee or if she was simply acting as a freelancer.

Khoels did not respond to requests for comment on the attack.

Earlier this month, the company posted an update to its Twitter page saying that it was suspending its “online shopping” service for “security reasons.”

The company also said it was taking the following steps to improve its security: