When a big brand changes its name, what happens next?

M&Ms is now Macy’s department stores.

There’s a Macy’s in town, too.

That’s what the name was meant to signify, at least in the minds of people who bought into the marketing campaign.

The name change is no coincidence.

The move has had a massive effect on how we shop.

In the early 2000s, Macy’s was one of the best-known brands in Canada, with an almost unmatched selection.

It was also one of those brands that was always changing its name.

In 2015, the brand changed its name to Loehmann to reflect the changing face of its business.

Today, Macy has three Macy’s stores in Canada.

In 2019, it also launched the brand’s first Canada-wide store, a branch of its online store.

What changed?

In 2018, the Canadian government announced a $1.3 billion plan to create 100,000 new jobs in the province of B.C. to address the economic downturn.

Many B.S. graduates have found work in the retail industry in the past few years, and the number of people in B.A.C., with B.N.S., has surged by more than 200,000.

But for many people, the new name wasn’t the end of it.

The real change, as it turned out, was the name change itself.

In 2016, the name of Macy’s Canada was changed to Luehmann and Loehlmann.

(Photo: M&M’s Canada) “I think it really changed the perception of what Macy’s is about,” says Anne Marie Luthra, who runs the online retailer’s B.R.L.O.C.-affiliated online store, Lueha.

Luthra was the chief marketing officer at Macy’s when the brand name change was announced.

She recalls a conversation with a salesperson in the early years of the company: “I want you to tell me about how you feel about Loehnmann.”

The first time I saw the name Loehhmann, I was shocked.

“I knew I was going to be really uncomfortable about it,” she says.

Luthras reaction to the name changes was so sudden, she says, that she wasn’t sure if she could even speak about the change until later.

She went to a Macy Store in Vancouver, and bought her first pair of jeans in 2005.

She thought they were a little cheap.

After she had them on, she called her father and said she wanted to change her name to just Loehm.

He was shocked that she was going through with it.

Since then, Luthraits name has changed every year.

When Luthrabes daughter was born in 2017, she took her first steps in shopping.

Loehras family owns a home in Vancouver.

She says she used to shop with her family, but she felt uncomfortable with wearing clothes that were made by companies that were not Macy’s.

Loes mother says she had to choose between shopping at a store and wearing clothes made by Macy’s, and that was a hard decision.

Today, Loehem is still shopping for clothing, but Luthrahas family lives in Victoria and still shops at the stores.

We can change our name to Macy’s and then change our logo to Loes and Loes.

That is the way we feel about it, she said.

At Luthrabs store, the store is full of clothing.

It has been one of many ways to protest.

A few years ago, Lothra started a blog called My Little Macy’s to show what people can do to get the word out about the changes.

Many people who were inspired by Luthragas post are still wearing clothes from her first couple of years at the company.

She has been approached by people from across Canada who have been looking for clothing with the same name, but were unaware that Macy’s had changed their name.

Her store is also the home of a new clothing line called Loeehns.

This year, Lichtabas is also launching a clothing line with the name Leo.

It’s meant to be a better option for women who want to go shopping without worrying about the branding.

There are many other brands that are making similar changes to their brand names in Canada this year, including Loehares, Macys, and other big name department stores like Nordstrom.

But Luthreas is trying to change things up, too, to make the name more relatable.

“We’re trying to make our brand more relevant, to people who might not have seen it before,” she said in an interview.

The idea of changing your name and the name you wear is a huge