Leggett’s Department Store to open gay-friendly location

Meyers Department Store is opening a gay-positive store in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

The department store is opening the second of its kind in Los Angles in 2019. 

Its a “bundled, full-service” store that will sell merchandise geared towards gay men, according to a release. 

“Our goal is to bring the gay community into our store and give them an opportunity to experience the store in a safe and welcoming environment,” Meyers spokesperson Rachel Henson told the LA Times. 

In a statement, Meyers said that the store will offer merchandise for gay and lesbian customers and to support “all people who are not happy with their sexual orientation.” 

It also announced that the LGBT community will be able to use its Meyers Card to shop.

The store will feature a gift box for the LGBT-friendly customer.

It also will feature gay-themed merchandise, a merchandise drive and a dedicated bar for the store’s gay-affirming customers. 

Meyers also said that Meyers is adding more women’s departments in 2019, including a women’s department and a gay men’s department. 

Henson told The Times that Meys staff members are working with the LGBT Community to “improve our overall diversity.” 

The company has also added LGBTQ-friendly items to its store, including the Meyers Collection. 

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