How to find your next fashion spot on Khols

In a recent interview, Khol’s chief marketing officer, Daniele Giannini, discussed how the department store chain was trying to build up its brand.

“We’re going to try to grow with every store,” Giannetti said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“You need to have that relationship with customers and people want to be able to experience your brand, but also you need to do something different and to be more inclusive.”

Giannino also said the chain was taking the new season off for two weeks.

He said the new year is the right time to build out the brand.

And while the department stores don’t have any new store openings this year, they have some new promotions to get people excited.

You can find out which stores are opening on the official Khol site and the latest fashion trends on Instagram.

The chain will also have a limited number of exclusive, pre-paid Khol products in stores this holiday season.