The Bobs department is a major deal


— In an effort to boost the brand’s standing in the eyes of the U.S. and overseas, Walmart is bringing back a popular Bobs brand from its iconic department store brand, the retailer announced Wednesday.

The move is part of the retailer’s effort to build its brand with a new concept for each store.

Walmart said in a news release that the store will return the brand name to the name Bobs, which is a popular phrase associated with the retailer.

The store will open later this year, but Walmart says the brand will remain in store until 2021.

In recent years, the brand has become a major draw for American shoppers, and the brand is now widely used by U.N. peacekeepers in the Congo and elsewhere.

“We’re excited to bring back Bobs to the new store and the future of our family of brands,” said Ken Hoeven, the president and chief executive officer of Walmart.

This will be the company’s fourth Bobs store, but it has been at the store for only a year and a half, with the current store opening in July 2017.

With the new concept, Walmart has taken a step back from the store and brought it back to the brand, which has seen steady growth in sales over the past decade.

Since opening the store, the chain has sold more than 8 million Bobs items, according to Walmart.

The brand is also considered one of the best-sellers in the country.

The store is a “major deal,” said Joe Hirsch, president and CEO of the Association of American Retailers.

“The brand will be brought back to its rightful place in the hearts and minds of Americans.”

The Bobs name is also being rebranded with a modern take, with an updated logo and a new slogan.

Its the brand that will be bringing back to life a long-term commitment, said Tom Derenberger, senior vice president of merchandising for the association.

“It will be a great moment for Walmart to come back to that core mission and have Bobs in every store in the world.”

As for the brand itself, the new Bobs is expected to remain the same in every Walmart store.

The brand has always been an icon of Walmart, and its continued presence in stores and on social media will be welcomed by the store’s shoppers, Hoeveven said.

For years, shoppers and locals have been asking for a new Bots name, he added.

There are also plans to bring the brand back to retail, and store managers will be able to offer the brand to their staff members and to the public through social media.

At Walmart, the Bobs franchisees are being asked to keep the brand in stores, but the brand can continue to be used as a way to encourage the company to grow and become a global brand, Hirsch said.