How to get the best savings from your credit card

Buying a new credit card at a department store will make you eligible for a 20% cashback on purchases.

But the discount can be difficult to get, especially when you’re not sure where the store is located or how much cashback is actually available.

So, we took a look at the best department stores to get cashback, and narrowed it down to the three most popular locations in the US: the Staples, Walmart and Target stores.

The stores are each well known for offering their products for sale on their website, but we didn’t include every store in each category to make it easier to compare.

You can also search by zip code, but the results are a bit more limited.

What we found: Staples Cost: $9.95 per transaction. Location: Canton, Georgia. 

Best Deal: Cashback on a Walmart order at $19.95. 

Target Cost : $10.95 Location : San Francisco, California. 

Best Deal: Cashback on an order at Target at  $12.95 and a $15.95 discount on a Target Gift Card. 

Walmart Cost :  $11.95  Location :  Cleveland, Ohio. 

 Best Buy Cost  :  $5.99 per order. 

Location : Seattle, Washington. 

What to Expect: When you sign up for the Staples online banking account, you’ll receive a PIN and confirmation email, so you can log in.

If you sign into your account on a mobile device, you can also make purchases at the store. 

You can also pay with a debit card through the Paypal account, but this is not an option in the Staples website. 

The Walmart location has a $100 savings credit card that’s available to shoppers who use the Walmart card at least once a month. 

A $10 coupon will be available on any purchase made at (or TargetMobile ) for an excellent 20% discount. 

But, be warned, it’s a one-time deal, so there’s no guarantee it’ll work out. 

I’d recommend checking out the Clevelands website, as they have a lot of great tips on how to save cash and what to look for when shopping for a new card.

The Staples website is a bit confusing and there are a few problems with how you can get the cashback.

First, if you use the CashBack app on your phone, you’re limited to one cashback per transaction, so it’s difficult to know if you’re getting the full 20%.

The app offers an online shopping portal where you can apply for cashback or cashback credit card, and you can add up to $1,000 of cashback at the time of checkout. 

So, if a coupon works, you might end up spending $2,000 on a single purchase. 

Then, the CashBack app also shows you how much the credit card offers in cashback credits, so the 20% is a total of $1.10. 

However, you should never add more than $500 to your credit limit in one transaction, as the app will automatically charge interest on unused balances, so if you do, the total amount of cash back will be less than $100. 

Finally, if the store doesn’t accept a credit card as payment, the cash back you get will be deducted from your card statement.

So if you pay with cash, your credit is going to be lower. 

When to Consider a Cashback Card: If you’re looking for cash back on your purchases, a cashback card is probably your best bet.

If not, you may be better off going with a card that lets you redeem a free gift card, which is usually a better deal. 

Why Cashback Cards Matter: At a time when there’s more and more competition for consumers’ money, it makes sense to use cash back cards to help you save money. 

Striving to save money on everyday purchases, you need to consider a card to get maximum value from your purchases. 

If your credit score is good, you could even qualify for cashbacks for small purchases, which can be a great way to save on the gas and groceries you’re paying for. 

How to Get Cashback from Your Credit Card: 1. 

Check out the Target and Staples websites. 


Sign up for a credit cards account at either Target or Stores. 


Pay your purchases with the Target Cashback app. 


Apply for a Target gift card. 


Receive your free gift. 


Add your purchases to your Cash Back account. 7.