‘We have been in touch with our partner in Australia’

An Australian department store has apologised for a tweet that included a photo of a statue of a Muslim woman being led away by police officers.

Lilycovest department store in Melbourne said it has been in contact with its Australian partner, Sampoongs department store for a “quick and appropriate response”.

“We have apologised for this tweet which was insensitive and we are working closely with Sampos Australia to ensure that our team members are not in any way negatively impacted,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

“Our team members have worked with Samps team and we have worked closely with the Australian government to ensure this is not a repeat of this incident.”

The statue, which was erected by Muslim women in Adelaide in 1878, was removed by the Australian authorities in March, amid concerns that the statue was “symbolically offensive”.

The statue was removed on Monday.

In response, Samps tweeted a video of the statue being led out of the store.

“This is the Australian flag that will be taken to the next level by the team of Sampoes police in Adelaide,” the tweet said.

“We thank our Australian partner for their support and look forward to welcoming this beautiful symbol of freedom and democracy to the streets of Melbourne.”