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  • Chris and Chloe go shopping for new clothes

    Chloe and Chris are just getting their clothes on for Christmas.But Chris’s wardrobe is going to be more complicated than the others’.Chris says, ‘I’m not a big fan of buying a whole bunch of clothes in one go.I’ve got to have enough to wear at a party.’Chloe responds, ‘well, if I can’t get enough clothes […]

  • When I saw my mom’s shopping list

    When I first saw my mother’s shopping lists at the supermarket, I was confused.I could tell it wasn’t the same thing as the shelves I grew up in, so I started asking questions.I didn’t really know what to ask, so after I’d read the catalogs several times, I decided to ask a few questions.My mom’s […]

  • How to get a discount at one of Canada’s biggest department stores

    A new report by the Canadian Association of Business and Industry suggests that as a result of the recession, menards and department stores have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in sales since the mid-1990s.The association, which is advocating for better business conditions, says it is “saddened” that menards has lost so much business due […]

  • Trump to sell Nordstrom department stores to Walmart

    Donald Trump is expected to announce on Tuesday that he will sell Nordys Nordstrom stores to a company that makes clothing and home goods at the discount department store chain.Trump, the president-elect, said in a tweet that he plans to use the proceeds from the sale to help pay for his campaign and to help […]

  • Why are you in an open department store?

    Open department stores (ODs) are the most popular retail stores in the US, but many don’t offer the latest products.You may also be thinking, “I’d love to get some of these new products but I can’t get them here.I’m just a regular shopper.”You’d be right.You can get a lot of new products, but they might […]

  • How to get the best savings from your credit card

    Buying a new credit card at a department store will make you eligible for a 20% cashback on purchases.But the discount can be difficult to get, especially when you’re not sure where the store is located or how much cashback is actually available.So, we took a look at the best department stores to get cashback, […]

  • Which department store has the best deal on shoes?

    In the US, the department store chain Zodys is the best-selling shoe brand in the US and UK, with sales of over £2.6bn. But in Ireland, Zodes shoes are the only department store to ever be on the list. The Irish Times decided to investigate what’s really on the minds of shopper after hearing that Zody was […]

  • How to get into your next big sale

    Now Playing: Apple unveils new Mac Pro, new MacBook Pro, and new Mac mini in 2017 The Best Mobile Deals 2017 Now Playing; Apple unveres new Mac Pros, new Macs, and a new MacBook Air in 2017


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