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  • When your phone app needs a few more tricks

    Posted March 07, 2018 11:03:49The last couple of years have been a very busy one for developers, with a number of new releases hitting the market in 2017.There were also some big releases that had to wait until the new year to get their official debut.One such release was the first-ever iPhone app to get […]

  • The Best and Worst Deals of the Week: Electronic Department Store Deals

    The Electronic department store offers a lot of value in terms of electronics, but some departments may not be as great as others.Below is a list of the best deals available from each department store for each week.The Best and WORST Deals of Week 1:Meijer’s department store has the best deal on a wide variety […]

  • When Walmart is No. 1, the rest is ‘sickening’

    When Walmart was No.1 in the nation in sales in 2017, the company did so despite a $1.4 billion tax bill.The same year, Walmart had a $2.2 billion tax hit.It now appears to be a $3.3 billion tax cut for the company.But Walmart’s CEO said in an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that the company’s […]

  • Which departments store are the best for your next big purchase?

    The Department Store is known for offering the most unique, fun, and expensive department store items.Whether it’s a new line of clothes, new shoes, or the latest fashion trend, there’s something to suit everyone.Here are our picks for the best department store department stores in the world.1.Macy’s2.Zara3.Nordstrom4.Bloomingdale’s5.Home Goods6.Kmart7.Zappos8.Zavvi9.Dollar General10.Macy Haus1.Department store: Macy’s

  • How to avoid a ‘dying market’ for rose petals

    A dying market for rose flowers, as demand dwindles and prices drop, could mean an end to the petals business for some shoppers.“A lot of people who grew up with rose petal are not necessarily happy with the way the market is right now,” said Emily Condon, a petcare specialist at Petcare International in Los […]

  • How to get the most out of your millennial savings

    Young Americans are spending more money on their consumer purchases than ever before.But as millennials get older, they’re spending less, and a lot less.Read moreWhat millennials need to know about millennials’ spending habitsThe report, titled “Young Consumers: What They Want and How They Spend,” looks at consumer spending habits from age 25 to 55, and […]

  • Which Woolworths department stores have the most loyal customers?

    You might think Woolworth’s department stores are pretty much synonymous with loyalty, but they’re actually quite different.They are pretty well known for their prices and they offer great products, but their customers also have a way of giving them their business.For example, the company’s iconic ‘Woolworths Forever’ t-shirt has been around for more than 30 […]

  • Why are Italian grocery stores being phased out in the United States?

    By JENNIFER HARRIS and PAUL JOHNSONThe United States is becoming increasingly isolated in Europe, and the Italian supermarket chain Belts is part of the problem, says David Osterman, senior vice president for global strategic initiatives at the European Union.Italy has one of the most vibrant economies in Europe and is the European market leader, but […]

  • When a big brand changes its name, what happens next?

    M&Ms is now Macy’s department stores.There’s a Macy’s in town, too.That’s what the name was meant to signify, at least in the minds of people who bought into the marketing campaign.The name change is no coincidence.The move has had a massive effect on how we shop.In the early 2000s, Macy’s was one of the best-known […]

  • How to dress up for a designer department store

    Designer department stores are not only popular for their fashion and design, but they are also a source of inspiration for many students and families.Here are some ideas on how to dress for a department store.1.Bring your own clothes and accessories2.Dress up the place with jewelry3.Wear your favorite color and accessories4.Bring a gift for a […]


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