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  • How to watch a new film online, using your smart phone

    It’s been years since you have been able to watch an online movie.But thanks to some clever marketing by the Walt Disney Company, you can now watch an entire new Disney film online for free.That’s right, you don’t have to be a Disney fan to watch the latest chapter in the Disney/Pixar world with no […]

  • How to Buy Cheap Office Furniture and More at Ivey’s

    How to Get Rid of an Iveys Office Furnishings article If you’re looking for a great value office furniture and a good deal on office supplies, you can’t beat Ivey.The store is known for having some of the most inexpensive office furniture on the market.Ivey has been offering some of their office furniture for years, […]

  • New stores to open in Wilmington department store

    NEW YORK — New stores will open in stores around the country this summer, but not in the iconic department stores of the 1960s.The New York Post reported Tuesday that some of the stores are already planned for sale, with the biggest one expected to open at the end of August.There are a handful of […]

  • The Top Ten Best Football Uniforms For Football Fans

    Football fans have always been into football apparel.From the iconic blue and white jerseys to the vintage and new designs, there’s always something to wear.However, we’ve never had a perfect time of it.There’s something for everyone, so let’s take a look at the best football apparel for football fans.1.New Era Football Uniform The new football […]

  • ‘Weirdo’ says ‘we don’t have a monopoly on beauty’

    Shinsegae, the department store chain in the Philippines, is now offering an array of “cosmetics” to customers, including “beauty trays,” a “beautiful” box, a “bespoke” cosmetics line, and a “superior” line.Shinseegas chief executive, Ramiro “Teddy” Garcia, said in a recent interview with local media that the company “did not make any profits,” and that the […]

  • Chuck Schumer: We’re not going to let people be intimidated by fear

    Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat, has said he will not allow his Democratic colleagues to “dramatically change” their party’s position on a controversial anti-abortion bill in the Senate, after it was revealed they have not met with a single woman who would have been affected by the bill.Mr Schumer said he was “determined to […]

  • When Amazon closes all department stores

    When (AMZN) closes all its department stores in the U.S. next month, the retailer will likely be losing billions of dollars in revenue.But for retailers that are able to survive, Amazon may be worth the gamble, analysts say.“We think it’s going to be a good deal for Amazon and a good opportunity for some […]


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