When Nordstrom liquidates department stores: What you need to know

A Nordstrom spokesperson says the company will not be closing any of its stores, including its flagship stores in Toronto and Montreal.The department store chain is closing its stores to “help protect our core business” and the stores will remain open for the public, said the spokesperson.In a statement, the company says it is “currently […] →Read more

How to save money on your next big purchase

My wife and I have a lot of money in our savings account and a lot more in our credit cards, but we’re still having trouble getting the things we want.We’re still trying to get our daughter to buy a new car.We tried a few different methods to find what we wanted but couldn’t find […] →Read more

How to use the #macy’s store locator to find Macy’s stores in your area

Macy’s department stores and its department store subsidiary Macy’s Global are adding more stores to their growing list of locations in the U.S. in 2018.Macy’s will open two stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in the Los Angeles area.The two locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles will be located on the […] →Read more

How to shop for cheap on Ebay

The world’s biggest e-commerce giant has banned sellers from selling products on its website.The move is part of a crackdown on unscrupulous sellers, which have been responsible for at least 11 cases of counterfeit goods in the U.S. this year.In a blog post, Ebay said it would no longer allow sellers to sell items with […] →Read more

How to use an Ikea department-store checkout card to buy your own books

ikeas department store is a great place to shop for books and other useful items that are often hard to find online.But when you need a quick, simple way to make purchases online, the store’s checkout system can be a great solution.Here are five ways to make your Ikea card work for you, even if […] →Read more

‘No way we’re going to miss this’: The Rams are a perfect fit for the Rams

LONDON — Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher was not disappointed when his team won Sunday’s game over the Cincinnati Bengals, but he said he’s “not sure” he’s going to make the playoffs.Fisher was fired in January after the Rams failed to make a playoff push during the past two seasons.Fisher and the Rams had […] →Read more

When the Internet made the internet obsolete, Amazon made the department store obsolete

The internet made the retail industry obsolete, and in many ways it has.In a way, Amazon has been a force for good.But for now, it’s an institution that has its work cut out for it.Its brand is so big, it now dominates over all the other big-name retailers.That, coupled with a lack of customer loyalty […] →Read more

How to get more money from your store, rather than from the retailer

If you are shopping at a department store and want to save some cash, the easiest way to do so is to buy merchandise at the store you are buying from.This can help you save money compared to other retailers and the time it takes to get the merchandise you want.But how do you get […] →Read more

When are they coming to Australia?

The department store man in Australia’s state of Queensland has just had his annual Christmas in-store appearance.The man is part of the Australian Department of Culture, Arts and Heritage’s annual Christmas shopping spree.“It’s really exciting,” said the man.“When I first saw it, I thought it would be just a little bit silly and I’ll just […] →Read more