What does the K-Pop star who died of a heart attack have in common with his idol?

The K-pop star who passed away on Sunday, who was born K-dramain Jee, was just 21 years old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 heart failure.Jee was just one of the countless K-beauty stars who were diagnosed with this condition in the last decade.His father, Lee, died of cancer at the age of 56 […] →Read more

Trump to sell Nordstrom department stores to Walmart

Donald Trump is expected to announce on Tuesday that he will sell Nordys Nordstrom stores to a company that makes clothing and home goods at the discount department store chain.Trump, the president-elect, said in a tweet that he plans to use the proceeds from the sale to help pay for his campaign and to help […] →Read more

How to buy your wedding dresses from the best department store

It’s hard to imagine a world without Burkes department stores and the countless boutiques that dot the shopping malls of Australia.But a few years ago, the chain was struggling to compete with established retailers like Marks & Shandys, where the stores had been around for decades and had a huge following. The company’s struggles to survive […] →Read more

Gertz is an ‘iconic’ figure

A senior executive at a major department store chain has been awarded the prestigious George Polk Award for “excellence in retail excellence”.The George Polk Awards is given annually by the American Council on Education to a “legendary individual who has distinguished his or her profession through his or the industry”.The award recognises “individuals whose outstanding […] →Read more

The best apps for shopping in stores, according to the pros

The best store apps have long been an easy way to find new things to buy.But now that technology has made it possible to search through your store’s catalog, many store managers and tech analysts say they have found a new way to do business: to find the best apps that sell the most items.“We’re […] →Read more

‘We have been in touch with our partner in Australia’

An Australian department store has apologised for a tweet that included a photo of a statue of a Muslim woman being led away by police officers.Lilycovest department store in Melbourne said it has been in contact with its Australian partner, Sampoongs department store for a “quick and appropriate response”.“We have apologised for this tweet which […] →Read more

Which was the best man?

The best man is no longer the man of the house.We are talking about a man who has been outed by the media.Hamrick was the one who said he had to leave the house after his daughter was found dead on the floor in his living room.He was also the one whose home is the […] →Read more

Why are you in an open department store?

Open department stores (ODs) are the most popular retail stores in the US, but many don’t offer the latest products.You may also be thinking, “I’d love to get some of these new products but I can’t get them here.I’m just a regular shopper.”You’d be right.You can get a lot of new products, but they might […] →Read more

First Department Store to close all of its stores in Seattle

A popular department store in Seattle is closing all of it’s stores, and the store will continue to operate as a family-owned store.The First Department store in the Seattle area, located at the corner of Fourth and Broadway, will be closed Friday, March 8.The store will reopen Monday, March 12, the store’s owner said.“The store […] →Read more

What you need to know about the mall department stores

The Department of Commerce’s mall division said the Australian dollar has lost more than 25 per cent against the US dollar since its low point on the Australian financial markets last month.The Australian dollar hit a low of 76.90 US cents on March 10 after falling more than 60 per cent in the last year.“It’s […] →Read more