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  • How to keep your new LFC season in Liverpool

    I remember thinking that if we were to play a game for the first time, I would go straight to the Kop, because I wanted to see what it was like to be there.I went to the away end, to the first home game in Liverpool, and that was a huge experience.I think it gave […]

  • What you need to know about bobbies department store

    Bobbys is set to open its first store in Australia’s Northern Territory, after a five-year battle with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.The company’s new flagship store in the town of Ararat, just south of Darwin, is set for opening in the middle of this year.The store will be the first in Australia to serve […]

  • The world’s first superstore will open in Queensland

    A department store chain has revealed its first super store will open this week in Queensland.The B&M department store is one of the first retailers in Australia to open in the country.Its opening in Gardena is the latest milestone in the superstore chain’s transformation into an international powerhouse, which has seen the chain expand to […]

  • When Nordstrom liquidates department stores: What you need to know

    A Nordstrom spokesperson says the company will not be closing any of its stores, including its flagship stores in Toronto and Montreal.The department store chain is closing its stores to “help protect our core business” and the stores will remain open for the public, said the spokesperson.In a statement, the company says it is “currently […]

  • How to shop for cheap on Ebay

    The world’s biggest e-commerce giant has banned sellers from selling products on its website.The move is part of a crackdown on unscrupulous sellers, which have been responsible for at least 11 cases of counterfeit goods in the U.S. this year.In a blog post, Ebay said it would no longer allow sellers to sell items with […]

  • What is the Bloomingdale’s logo and what is its company name?

    Posted June 10, 2018 05:53:16I was looking through my old Sears catalogs today and found this article.It shows a picture of the Bloomingdales department store logo, which is on the bottom of a large white envelope.The box is labeled “Bldg.1.”The next line in the story reads: “Bd.1 is a department store in Bloomingdale, Illinois.The company’s […]

  • Top Department Stores Are Now Selling $10,000 Bridesmaid Dress Codes

    The top department stores are now selling bridesmaid dresses that are $10K, $15K, or $20K.The retailers who are now offering $10k brideskirts, $20k bridal gowns, $25k bridemaid gowns and $30k brinemaid gown are:Target,Bayer,H&M,P&G,Home Depot,Pampered,Macy’s,CVS,Hilton,Dillard,Merrill Lynch,L’Oreal,Chrysler,Lifetime,Target,Dollar General,Kmart,Sears,Walmart,Target Home,Target Express,Dyson,Target Jewelry,Chase,Toys ‘R’ Us,HomeDepot,Pampers,Lululemon,Bath & Body Works,Hannah Montana,The Little Mermaid,Jingle Bells,Disney,Disney Junior,Sesame Street,Movies,Dunkin’ Donuts,Jigsaw,Mickey Mouse,Aladdin,Michelangelo,Micah,Honey,Moe,Little Mermaid,Molly,Winnie the Pooh,Peter […]

  • How to spot the cute kitten with an earring

    A pet store employee was justifiably worried about the quality of the cats and dogs inside her pet store.The employee was so concerned about the kitten that she called the police.The cat and dog was discovered with earrings on.It wasn’t the first time a pet store worker has called the cops about an ear-ringed kitten.A […]


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