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  • Hyundai to invest $200 million in its North American headquarters

    North American Hyundai Motor Co. (NYSE: HYLD) announced plans to invest nearly $200 billion in its global headquarters and expand its U.S. operations in the coming years, the company announced Thursday.The company also plans to begin laying off some 1,500 employees at the U.K. headquarters it operates out of and also to lay off 1,200 […]

  • How the Yoders got the green light to expand into India

    The YodERS department store chain has been awarded a $5.8 million loan from the US Federal Reserve to expand its India operations.In a regulatory filing in March, the Yods announced it had raised $5 billion in private capital through the sale of shares.In addition to the $5 million loan, the firm will also get up […]

  • Why I’m going back to my old job

    I’ve been in the music business for almost a decade now, but I’ve only recently discovered how much my career has changed over the past decade.The gig was never what I imagined it would be.And that’s because, back in the early 2000s, it was just me and my guitar.In 2009, the first year I was […]

  • Goldblatt to open two new department stores in Seattle

    Goldblatts, the Seattle-based department store chain, announced Wednesday that it will open two additional department stores within the city of Seattle.The stores will be located in the area of 15th Avenue South and Broadway in West Seattle.“The Goldblats have been very supportive of the West Seattle Neighborhoods Initiative, and I am grateful for the opportunity […]

  • How to get the Best Buy Gift Card at a Target Store

    This article may contain links to Amazon or other partners; your purchases via these links can benefit Serious Eats.Read more about our affiliate linking policy.The best gift cards you can get at Target stores are listed below.These items can’t be combined with other offers.More information about Amazon links.

  • How to choose a department store in a mall that isnt a departmentstore

    The word “department store” has become synonymous with malls.While many department stores are owned by big companies, many smaller mom-and-pop shops are also selling the same kinds of items.So, which is a department or a mom-to-be?A good answer depends on the mall you’re in.If you’re visiting a mall with lots of family or friends, department […]

  • How the US is seeing a spike in stores closing due to Obamacare coverage

    The number of stores closing as a result of Obamacare coverage has surged as the Trump administration rolls out its insurance expansion on January 1, according to a report by Axios.The report, which tracked the number of US stores closing for a year, shows that the number had doubled to about 1,000 on December 31, […]


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